Debian/Ubuntu have a package called ethtools to adjust – next to a lot of other tunables – the offloading features of your nic.

check the features with

ethtool -k NIC-NAME
set the features with
ethtool enp1s0f3 --offload tx off

So now how can this be set up in /etc/network/interfaces?

According to /etc/network/if-up.d/ethtool (a script that is shipped with ethtool and parses /e/n/i file it can handle offloading features:

# Find settings with a given prefix and print them as they appeared in
# /etc/network/interfaces, only with the prefix removed.
SETTINGS="$(gather_settings OFFLOAD_)"
[ -z "$SETTINGS" ] || $ETHTOOL --offload "$IFACE" $SETTINGS

So a setting must start with offload in /e/n/i

To disable rxvlan and txvlan - one sets:

offload-rxvlan off
offload-txvlan off

Other options may be available but not documented and depend on the nic/firmware.

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